Attorney Referrals

Our Firm Accepts and Tracks Attorney Referrals

    If you are an attorney considering a referral to the firm, here's what you need to know: 

  • The Firm pays referral, participation and co-counsel fees in accordance with applicable ethics and court rules in all matters referred.

  • We appear in Federal Courts in: California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, the District of Colombia, Washington, Illinois and upstate New York (NDNY/WDNY) via strategic partner attorneys and/or by pro hac vice admission - in addition to New York (SDNY/EDNY), New Jersey and Puerto Rico.

  • The Firm handles trials and other matters in areas in which your firm does not specialize, while allowing you to continue your representation of the client in your field.

  • The firm will consider your referral to be YOUR CLIENT and will not attempt to solicit or accept other business in other matters from that client without notifying you, so that you can do the work yourself. If you have us do the work, it will generate further referral fees for you!

  • We work with other attorneys and firms based on jurisdiction and subject matter which allows us the ability to litigate well beyond where we are already licensed.  

  • The firm returns every call, to every client you refer, and every matter is given thorough consideration even when it isn't accepted.

  • We make certain that we notate the source of a referral and protect your referral fee.

  • The firm pays 20% - 33% of the collected fee for matters in which referral fees are not prohibited by rule or law.

If you have questions and would like to speak with an attorney, please contact us here.

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