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New York Women Allege Kraft Heinz Misrepresents Cheese Products in Nationwide Class Action Filed By The Muhlstock Law Firm

The plaintiffs and others in the class seek injunctive and declaratory relief, damages, restitution and disgorgement, interests, and attorney fees and costs. They are represented by attorney Todd D. Muhlstock of The Muhlstock Law Firm in Garden City, New York, and by attorney David M. Barshay of Barshay Sanders in Garden City, New York.

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Todd Muhlstock Playing Major Litigation Role

The New Lawsuit Ecosystem: Todd Muhlstock was recently cited as playing a major litigation role in "The New Lawsuit Ecosystem" by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Litigation Trends - Mass Tort Litigation

"[T]he plaintiffs’ lawyer group known as the American Association for Justice (AAJ) recently created a number of litigation groups designed to target new areas of litigation. These groups, the trial bar explains, are 'a critical tool for [its] members to level the playing field when forced to battle the overwhelming resources of corporate counsel.'"

SUPERSTORM SANDY (established 2013)
This group assists lawyers who allege that insurers have not properly paid property damage claims resulting from the storm. It was formed and is co-chaired by:

Todd D. Muhlstock, Baker Sanders Barshay Grossman Fass Muhlstock & Neuwirth, LLC (Garden City, NY)
Samuel W. Bearman, Law Office of Samuel W. Bearman, LC (Pensacola, FL)
Jeff S. Korek, Gersowitz Libo & Korek, PC (New York, NY)
Michael W. Duffy, Childress Duffy Goldblatt, Ltd. (Chicago, IL)

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Lawsuit: Cops and City Are To Blame for Death of Pedestrian Hit While Crossing Staten Island Expressway

"My clients are obviously having a difficult time, [but] they believe they need to do a greater good so that another family doesn't have to go through what they did," said the family's lawyer, Todd D. Muhlstock of the Garden City, L.I.-firm, Baker Sanders, LLC. "They are hanging tight and ready to fight the good fight."

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Casino Class Action Lawsuit

This is a class action consumer fraud lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court against the Revel casino resort hotel in Atlantic City by Baker Sanders partner, Todd D. Muhlstock.

In June and July 2013, Revel ran a marketing campaign through various media outlets, attempting to draw customers to their casino to gamble. The promotion included advertised promises to refund slot machine losses over $100 throughout the entire month of July. As a result of the advertised assurances by the Defendants that customers would get their money back if they lost, many residents of New Jersey and nearby states flocked to Revel Casino to gamble. 

After being lured to Revel, the putative Class members later learned that the Defendants never intended to refund any slot losses. Defendants relied on their deceptively hidden rules to avoid paying any refunds at all. Rather than refund losses as promised, Defendants required that customers return to Revel Casino for twenty consecutive weeks to receive play money with a face value of five percent of the customers’ losses each of the twenty weeks. The lawsuit claims this deceptive business scheme enticed thousands of customers to patron Revel Casino, resulting in the first ever profitable period since its opening 18 months ago. 

Former Baker Sanders partner Todd D. Muhlstock commenced the lawsuit which seeks $35 million dollars, including punitive damages, for the residents of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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Cherry Hill Woman Sues Novartis Over Marketing of Excedrin Pain Medicines

Class Action - New Jersey Federal Court

“Muhlstock and another attorney on the case, Eric Gibbs of San Francisco, have filed identical suits in New York and California, and now have 48 plaintiffs. Muhlstock said he estimates a potential pool of 250,000, given Excedrin’s popularity. Novartis sells more than 1 billion Excedrin pills a year, according to Muhlstock’s estimates."

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All Bets Are Off After Pub Owner is Busted

"Todd Muhlstock, a lawyer defending Reyes, said the Joker Poker machine ‘was fully controlled’ by the distributor, which also supplied DiCarlo's and other bars with pool tables and vending machines. ‘The distributing company . . . told him everything was legal,’ Muhlstock said. ‘He assumed everything was on the up and up.’”

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Supreme Court, Appellate Division, First Department, New York

Decided: November 23, 1999

Leonard MORREALE, et al., Petitioners-Appellants,
Jeff PERLEE, as Director of the New York Lottery, Also Known as New York State Division of Lottery, et al., Respondents-Respondents, Met Lottery Trust 1997-4P, Respondent/Intervenor-Respondent, Sheriff of the County of Schenectady, etc., et al., Respondents.

Todd D. Muhlstock, Esq. prevails for his client on appeal over NYS Tax Law §1613(a) allowing assignment of lottery proceeds.

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Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division.

Submitted June 7, 2000.
Decided July 13, 2000.
Brian KNIGHT, Plaintiff-Appellant,
CITY OF HOBOKEN RENT LEVELING & STABILIZATION BOARD and Sergio Sciancalepore, Defendants-Respondents.
Victoria Mazur, Plaintiff-Appellant,
City of Hoboken Rent Leveling & Stabilization Board, Brigite Corporation and Walter Sems, Defendants-Respondents.

Todd D. Muhlstock, Esq. represents corporate defendants in New Jersey Appellate Division appeal regarding the legality of the City of Hoboken Rent Leveling and Stabilization Board regulation.

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The Inaugural Issue - CUNY Law Review

December 15, 1996. Volume 1.1 – Original PDF Here

As Managing Editor, Todd D. Muhlstock supervised the editing, procured a Foreword from then Governor, George E. Pataki and co-authored the inaugural Introduction of the CUNY Law Review in December 1996.

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