Casino Class Action Lawsuit

This is a class action consumer fraud lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court against the Revel casino resort hotel in Atlantic City by Baker Sanders. 

In June and July 2013, Revel ran a marketing campaign through various media outlets, attempting to draw customers to their casino to gamble. The promotion included advertised promises to refund slot machine losses over $100 throughout the entire month of July. As a result of the advertised assurances by the Defendants that customers would get their money back if they lost, many residents of New Jersey and nearby states flocked to Revel Casino to gamble. 

After being lured to Revel, the putative Class members later learned that the Defendants never intended to refund any slot losses. Defendants relied on their deceptively hidden rules to avoid paying any refunds at all. Rather than refund losses as promised, Defendants required that customers return to Revel Casino for twenty consecutive weeks to receive play money with a face value of five percent of the customers’ losses each of the twenty weeks. The lawsuit claims this deceptive business scheme enticed thousands of customers to patron Revel Casino, resulting in the first ever profitable period since its opening 18 months ago. 

Former Baker Sanders partner Todd D. Muhlstock commenced the lawsuit which seeks $35 million dollars, including punitive damages, for the residents of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Washington D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania.



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